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Gluten Index or Centrifuge as in ICC.
The device is Bastak branded and its model is 2100.
Gluten Index is used in determining the quality of wet gluten.
In this way, it is possible to separate into the groups the samples of wheat and flour according to the qualities of wet gluten.
Furthermore, the device gives opinion about the sunn pest destruction of the samples of wheat and flour.
The device is controlled by the micro-processor.
The device has a blue LCD screen. The device has 6 function buttons.
On the device’s screen, date, hour, environment temperature, test duration, device operating revolution and operation status of the device (ready, testing, stop...etc.) can be displayed.
The device has to reach to 6000 revolution that is the world standard in 8 seconds and has to operate in 6000 revolution during the remaining 52 seconds period.
It doesn’t operate until the cover is closed due to the security system on its cover, and a warning is displayed on the screen.
Furthermore, the cover is locked automatically after it starts to operate.
It automatically stops with the braking system after operating period and gives audible warning.

The outside dimensions of the device are 200x210x300 mm and its net weight is 8 kg.